The Alt-Right’s Next Voice – More of the Same or Worse?

As the Alt-Right world of the KKK, nazis and Alex Jones-style conspiracy theorists have come together as the voice of the deplorables comprising the majority of trump support, a name new to politics is now emerging. That name may not be familiar to political activists or to the average voter, but rather it is a name well known in the world of sports. and seeking to rely on past success and notoriety in the world of major league baseball as a star pitcher and then as a forgettable TV analyst, the person behind the name is pure evil.

Fired from ESPN for anti-LGBT statements, former Boston Red Sox World Series hero and world class scumbag Curt Shilling has found a more appropriate home with, hosting an online radio talk show. This is an interesting and scary development on several levels.

First and foremost, it is a platform for a new voice to start a political campaign based on lies, deceit, propaganda and bigotry at a time when the leader of that group, trump, is in the waining days of his political career. Continue reading The Alt-Right’s Next Voice – More of the Same or Worse?

The confederate battle flag – A Symbol for trump, nazis and More

In June of 2015, I wrote two articles about the south’s symbol of racism, the confederate battle flag, and of the widespread desire to return to their historical culture of segregation and slavery. I wrote about the true history of the flag and its meaning, and of the ridiculous and unwarranted praise being given to South Carolina governor Nikki Haley for her half-assed agreement to remove the flag from its station in front of the state Capitol.

After a few days of outrage over the flag, and some businesses staging publicity stunts removing the flag from various product lines, it then became business as usual, and the flag has remained not just a symbol of the old racist pro-slavery south, but also a symbol today of the illiterate, uneducated, troglodyte, racist deplorable trump supporter.

trumpconfederatebattleflagA June, 2016 article on described in detail how the blacklash against the flag has spurred on a counter-blacklash, and they reported that the Southern Poverty Law Center documented the fact that in the first six months after the horrendous Charleston church shooting of June, 2015, that there were 364 Confederate flag rallies around the South, Continue reading The confederate battle flag – A Symbol for trump, nazis and More

Enemy of Labor – Maine Gov. Paul LePage

Maine Gov. Paul LePage has been in the headlines recently for a disgusting episode involving his pervasive racism and his equally horrendous reaction to some of the criticism that it has engendered. But, LePage has a long history of despicable behavior and statements and actions that should have disqualified him from public office long ago, and much of it revolves around his total abject hatred for labor unions and the labor movement itself.

Most recently, LePage has for the first time caused a dent in the support he has counted on from the uncaring, profit-above-all else – the public and their needs be damned racist and xenophobic base of brain-dead supporters, who are aghast not at LePage’s beliefs, but rather at his public display of ineptitude.

No, these people eat it up when LePage says things like what he said to begin this latest episode, that he kept a binder full of drug traffickers arrested in Maine and that more than 90 percent of them were black or Hispanic. But, as he found out, not all of them are in his corner after he then made his expletive-ridden obscene phone call to a state legislator, Democratic Representative Drew Gattine, following his misinterpretation – intentional or otherwise – of comments Gating had made about him in response to that.

Of course, LePage has a significant record of racist comments, Continue reading Enemy of Labor – Maine Gov. Paul LePage

What Our President Has To Deal With from the gop

Last night I turned on the Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon for the first time since,… well, ever, l to see Pres. Barack Obama, and what I saw was the most intelligent, personable and well-spoken person to occupy the oval office since John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and a man whose crowning achievements will go down in history as some of the most vitally important and life-changing accomplishments in a couple of centuries, on the list with the Emancipation Proclamation (an Executive Order), Social Security, and Medicare. I am referring to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the President’s Executive Orders on Immigration, and the Nuclear Treaty with Iran. Generations will judge, and judge him well, for these and other

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accomplishments done in the face of overwhelming opposition, opposition based neither on the good of the country nor on the needs of the people, but based only on partisan obstructionism and on racism, and based on nothing else.

To see undeniable evidence of this, one
needs to do little more than to peruse Facebook this afternoon, for stories that will make any reasonable, decent person sick and disgusted Continue reading What Our President Has To Deal With from the gop

Opportunist Nikki Haley Should Not Be Praised For Doing the Right Thing

In the excellent article “Nikki Haley Is Not a Hero. She’s Just Doing Damage Control for Republicans” that appeared yesterday on, Brian Beutler described how the South Carolina governor neither had an epiphany and realized how wrong she had been in defending the Confederate Battle Flag, nor had she come to believe that this gesture was needed to help bring the citizens of her state together and get past last week’s horrendous massacre. No, Beutler pointed out the true reality, that her change of position was purely political, and done to both assist gop presidential hopefuls and to help secure her own position as a potential vice presidential candidate:

“It was undertaken largely as an act of damage control on behalf of Republican presidential primary candidates who were so frozen in terror at the thought of risking South Carolina’s pro-Confederacy vote that they couldn’t articulate whether they believed the flag should come down or not. Haley needed to cut a path along which they could escape further damage, but she did so grudgingly,…”

As Beutler also stated, the removal of the flag was the right decision, but it should not have taken a “racist massacre at a black church by a local neoconfederate” to make her realize that.

In my article of June 21 (“True Evil: The Defense of the Confederate Flag”), I described many of Haley’s positions on issues of the day, and her statements before yesterday in support of retaining the flag flying high in front of the state capitol are totally consistent with them, and also make it clear that she was until yesterday, either

  1. Totally oblivious
  2. Incredibly stupid, or
  3. A racist herself.

The unmistakable fact that her change of position was due to political expediency fits well with any of these three alternatives.

No, Nikki Haley is evil, and this gesture has nothing to do with doing the right thing.

True Evil: The Defense of the Confederate Flag

South Carolina Capitol Building - Confederate Flag FlyingThis past week’s horrendous mass shooting at Charleston, South Carolina’s Emanuel AME Church provided a first-hand look at an obviously evil person, whose though processes and beliefs defy reason. But beyond that, we have seen an opening into a much more widespread belief, and we are able to see explicitly that there is very little difference between such people as South Carolina governor Nikki Haley, Texas governor and presidential candidate Rick Perry, former Arkansas governer and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, and the Charleston shooter, Dylann Roof.

But first a little history about the item central to these beliefs, the Confederate Flag.

The photo shown here has been seen all over Facebook, Twitter, the rest of social media, and even on some TV news reports. It depicts, hours after the church shooting, the South Carolina Capitol Building with the flags of the United States and the State of South Carolina at half-mast, and the Confederate flag flying high, at the very top of its mast.

There are many misconceptions about the so called “Confederate Flag” and in fact, the flag still commonly seen throughout the South, and that currently flies over the South Carolina Capitol Building, was not the official flag of the Confederate States of America. That flag, more properly referred to as the “Confederate Battle Flag”, was used for other purposes during the existence of the Confederacy, which had at various times, three different official flags. Continue reading True Evil: The Defense of the Confederate Flag