Antonio Sabato Jr is Running for WHAT?

An immigrant (more on this coming) himself with no education or skills other than the superficial looks of a young actor that are now rapidly declining, Antonio Sabato Jr is a pro-trump racist, bigot and zealot, who wants to replace Julia Brownly in California’s 26 Congressional District.

A three-term California state Assemblyperson, Brownly was termed out in 2012 and ran for the open seat in California’s 26th Congressional District. She defeated Tony Strickland, previously also a state Assemblyperson and now a state Senator, by a 5% margin. Now in her third term, Brownly won her last re-selection campaign in Nov., 2016 by a 20 point margin. The 26th District also voted Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton 58% of the vote. A strong pro-choice advocate in every aspect and an equally strong supporter of

gay rights and same-sex marriage, she favors meaningful firearm licensing and restriction and has also sponsored legislation for student loan forgiveness, and she is a strong supporter of public funding of elections, getting rid of the debacle of Citizens United and corporate rule. She strongly opposes efforts at voter suppression and has advocated for automatic voter registration for all citizens.

As to her upcoming re-election campaign. she has $2.5 M in her campaign war chest.

To see a person with a background such as Sabato’s become a right-wing racist and bigot is really disheartening. Continue reading Antonio Sabato Jr is Running for WHAT?

Sending Evil Peter Hoekstra to the Netherlands

The resume of Peter Hoekstra, an eight-term Congressman from the state of Michigan who was recently appointed US Ambassador to the Netherlands by the current occupier of the Oval Office, includes defeats in elections for the governorship of Michigan and for one of Michigan’s US Senate seats, and a long history of lies and deceit apparently espoused for the purpose of inflaming fears and casting racial and religious groups under suspicion by their friends, neighbors, and law enforcement at its highest levels.

Hoekstra’s primary focus of discrimination and virulence has been the arab world.

Years after a two-year investigation lasting from 2003 to late 2005 in which a US Senate committee issued findings that no evidence

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was uncovered that showed that the Islamic Society of North America had any ties to terrorists, Hoekstra continued to make such allegations, even criticizing the US Attorney General for “legitimizing” the organization. Similarly, years after the utter failure of the Iraqi War and full recognition that NO “Weapons of mass destruction” were ever found in saddam hussein’ Iraq, Hoekstra went so far as to hold press conferences on the issue in which his lies and deceit extended to his describing the findings of literally hundreds of chemical weapons in Iraq.

In 2007, news agencies reported on how Hoekstra had created a website that was built around phony stories of the creation of Iranian nuclear weapons. Deemed “erroneous” and “misleading”, the International Atomic Energy Agency disputed all such allegations.

This is the scum that 45 appointed to become United States Ambassador to the Netherlands, and even before taking his seat at the table, his lifelong pattern of lies and deceit has infuriated Dutch politicians and citizens. Continue reading Sending Evil Peter Hoekstra to the Netherlands

trump Administration Increases Nursing Home Horrors

During the administration of President Barack Obama, inspectors from the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services regularly conducted inspections of the nation’s nursing homes, and in enforcing medical and safety guidelines, imposed fines, sometimes significant fines, for dangerous and/or negligent violations that endangered patients. In fact, in 2013, inspectors found serious violations in close to 40% of 6,500 nursing homes, with two-thirds of them receiving fines. Many such fines were imposed for mistreatment and neglect.

Over the past few years, such fines averaged slightly over $33,000, while a group of 531 nursing homes were each fined in excess of $100,000.

Now, however, in yet another one of the paybacks to big business and major donors, the administration of the 45th president has decided that such fines are not needed, that they support many of the

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anti-business regulations imposed over the years that do nothing more than impose burdensome obligations and unnecessary costs on businesses.

This change was requested by the American Health Care Association, the primary nursing home trade association in the country Continue reading trump Administration Increases Nursing Home Horrors

Evil Mitch McConnell Continue the Lies

Mitch McConnell and his Devil MAsterIn his disgusting speech following last night’s vote to not rob millions of American of their access to healthcare, senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, the devil’s plaything in his US Senate, continued his lies and deceit about the hugely successful Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Never missing an opportunity to lie about the success of the ACA in his own state of Kentucky, he had been joined in the deceit by Kentucky congressmen taking to the media throughout the day, further promulgating the outrageous lie of the status of healthcare in Kentucky.

Contrary to their propaganda, and as is the case in states that embraced the ACA and expanded medicaid, including some mixed red and purple states including Kentucky, under the tender loving care of former Democratic governor Steve Beshear, Kentucky had became a tremendous success story, a leader in the country in implementing the ACA and in providing health care to hundreds of thousands that had gone without, many for their entire lives. As shown in the Kaiser Family Foundation report “Report: Kentucky Health Care Expansion Among Most Successful“ by fully implementing medicaid through the state’s Kinect program, the state’s uninsured rate was cut in half, Continue reading Evil Mitch McConnell Continue the Lies

The United States Senate is dominated by PURE EVIL

Mitch McConnell and his band of right wing extremist pond scum have insulted the American people as they denigrate and virtually dismantle the centuries old chambers of government, turning their previously hallowed chamber into what would be a world wide laughingstock were it not so utterly and completely tragic. The uncaring and deceitful majority who have lied for seven years about the truth of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, have now convinced themselves, apparently, to vote for a disgusting piece of crap that they havre admitted is a FRAUD and that they do not want to see passed into law, but that they may be laying at the feet of the even more corrupt and deceitful House majority to do what they will with the residue of our system of liberty and justice.

McCain Grim ReaperWhen the cancer-stricken John McCain returned to the Senate after medical care and surgery, paid for by the American taxpayer, to cast an essential vote on the road to stripping the ability to have and keep health care from millions of Americans, I thought that I had see the worst that the gop had to offer. But today, a group of these disgusting excuses for elected officials Continue reading The United States Senate is dominated by PURE EVIL

Leave it to Dan Rather to Get it Right

Dan Rather, one of the giants of journalism going back five decades and a household name across the country since that ill-fated day at the 1968 Democratic National Convention when, on live, national TV, he was punched in the stomach by a thug carrying out the anti-free-press agenda of a vile politician from an earlier era, has cut out the garbage and given today’s press a clear cut message of how to report on the current gop establishment.

As reported by Daily Kos, Rather’s response to the continual onslaught of lies from the mouth of Crybaby President trump and, among so many others, his two primary spokespersons, new Press Secretary Sean Spicer and his now long-time liar-proficient and current “Counselor” to the Crybaby, Kellyanne Conway, is to force others, including the top echelon of gop power, to respond to the lies if they want their voices heard. Continue reading Leave it to Dan Rather to Get it Right

trump’s CIA Meeting: More Lies Revealed

Crybaby President donald trump described his Saturday meeting at the CIA as a love fest between him and CIA officials and rank-and-file. Taking time out from his usual disgusting diatribe about the media and his recurring theme that if a news report criticizes him, it’s fake news, regardless of the source or reporting agency, trump went on to heap praise on the CIA, denying the voluminous public record of his deep and dark and pervasive criticism of the agency over the past months. It was the media that created the non-existent feud, according to the Crybaby. In response, quoted trump, he was met with overwhelming support and standing ovations, all from CIA personnel. Repeating this later on when he repaired to his Twitter lair, he tweeted:

“Had a great meeting at CIA Headquarters yesterday, packed house, paid great respect to Wall, long standing ovations, amazing people. WIN!”

In response, Former CIA deputy chief of staff Nick Shapiro released a statement from Former CIA Director John Brennan, stating that he was reportedly “deeply saddened” by Trump’s “…despicable display of self-aggrandizement in front of CIA’s Memorial Wall of Agency heroes… [and] that Trump should be ashamed of himself”.

But today, there is even more that shows the true character of the man that 27% of American voters made the Crybaby President. Continue reading trump’s CIA Meeting: More Lies Revealed

Crybaby trump Lies, Lies, Lies, and More

America’s Crybaby president continues to insult the American people with his egotism and deceit, focusing post-inauguration on that single issue so vital to the well-being of the country, the size of the crowd that attended his swearing-in.

It wasn’t bad enough that trump purposefully and blatantly lied in his inauguration speech about the size of the crowd, and then again the next day at his visit to the CIA, regarding inauguration attendance and comparative crowds with past presidents, i.e., to wit, the real crowds drawn by President-Emeritus Barack Obama, but he

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then siced his two pet dogs on the public, to continue the deceit.

First, it was the initial press briefing of the new administration from Press Secretary Sean Spicer who, ignoring actual news and real-time actions taken by trump and the governmental agencies he now controls, spent his time before the press discussing again, the size o the crown at trumps’ inauguration, taking time out only to insult the free press Continue reading Crybaby trump Lies, Lies, Lies, and More

The Alt-Right’s Next Voice – More of the Same or Worse?

As the Alt-Right world of the KKK, nazis and Alex Jones-style conspiracy theorists have come together as the voice of the deplorables comprising the majority of trump support, a name new to politics is now emerging. That name may not be familiar to political activists or to the average voter, but rather it is a name well known in the world of sports. and seeking to rely on past success and notoriety in the world of major league baseball as a star pitcher and then as a forgettable TV analyst, the person behind the name is pure evil.

Fired from ESPN for anti-LGBT statements, former Boston Red Sox World Series hero and world class scumbag Curt Shilling has found a more appropriate home with, hosting an online radio talk show. This is an interesting and scary development on several levels.

First and foremost, it is a platform for a new voice to start a political campaign based on lies, deceit, propaganda and bigotry at a time when the leader of that group, trump, is in the waining days of his political career. Continue reading The Alt-Right’s Next Voice – More of the Same or Worse?

Do they really think they can get away with it?