Opportunist Nikki Haley Should Not Be Praised For Doing the Right Thing

In the excellent article “Nikki Haley Is Not a Hero. She’s Just Doing Damage Control for Republicans” that appeared yesterday on newrepublic.com, Brian Beutler described how the South Carolina governor neither had an epiphany and realized how wrong she had been in defending the Confederate Battle Flag, nor had she come to believe that this gesture was needed to help bring the citizens of her state together and get past last week’s horrendous massacre. No, Beutler pointed out the true reality, that her change of position was purely political, and done to both assist gop presidential hopefuls and to help secure her own position as a potential vice presidential candidate:

“It was undertaken largely as an act of damage control on behalf of Republican presidential primary candidates who were so frozen in terror at the thought of risking South Carolina’s pro-Confederacy vote that they couldn’t articulate whether they believed the flag should come down or not. Haley needed to cut a path along which they could escape further damage, but she did so grudgingly,…”

As Beutler also stated, the removal of the flag was the right decision, but it should not have taken a “racist massacre at a black church by a local neoconfederate” to make her realize that.

In my article of June 21 (“True Evil: The Defense of the Confederate Flag”), I described many of Haley’s positions on issues of the day, and her statements before yesterday in support of retaining the flag flying high in front of the state capitol are totally consistent with them, and also make it clear that she was until yesterday, either

  1. Totally oblivious
  2. Incredibly stupid, or
  3. A racist herself.

The unmistakable fact that her change of position was due to political expediency fits well with any of these three alternatives.

No, Nikki Haley is evil, and this gesture has nothing to do with doing the right thing.