Sending Evil Peter Hoekstra to the Netherlands

The resume of Peter Hoekstra, an eight-term Congressman from the state of Michigan who was recently appointed US Ambassador to the Netherlands by the current occupier of the Oval Office, includes defeats in elections for the governorship of Michigan and for one of Michigan’s US Senate seats, and a long history of lies and deceit apparently espoused for the purpose of inflaming fears and casting racial and religious groups under suspicion by their friends, neighbors, and law enforcement at its highest levels.

Hoekstra’s primary focus of discrimination and virulence has been the arab world.

Years after a two-year investigation lasting from 2003 to late 2005 in which a US Senate committee issued findings that no evidence

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was uncovered that showed that the Islamic Society of North America had any ties to terrorists, Hoekstra continued to make such allegations, even criticizing the US Attorney General for “legitimizing” the organization. Similarly, years after the utter failure of the Iraqi War and full recognition that NO “Weapons of mass destruction” were ever found in saddam hussein’ Iraq, Hoekstra went so far as to hold press conferences on the issue in which his lies and deceit extended to his describing the findings of literally hundreds of chemical weapons in Iraq.

In 2007, news agencies reported on how Hoekstra had created a website that was built around phony stories of the creation of Iranian nuclear weapons. Deemed “erroneous” and “misleading”, the International Atomic Energy Agency disputed all such allegations.

This is the scum that 45 appointed to become United States Ambassador to the Netherlands, and even before taking his seat at the table, his lifelong pattern of lies and deceit has infuriated Dutch politicians and citizens. The anti-choice, anti-gay religious zealot Hoekstra was sworn in as U.S. Ambassador on December 11, 2017, he is expected to take office in January, 2018 in one of the world’s great bastion’s of liberal, progressive social life, where the rights of personal choice are not merely tolerated, but are guaranteed.

So what has Hoekstra done, even before assuming his appointed position, to so upset the leaders and the citizens of the Netherlands?

Back in 2015, speaking at a conference hosted by the David

Horowitz Freedom Center, video clips show Hoekstra saying the following:

“The Islamic movement has now gotten to a point where they have put Europe into chaos. Chaos in the Netherlands, there are cars being burned, there are politicians that are being burned.

“And yes, there are no-go zones in the Netherlands”.

But a few days ago, Hoekstra was asked about these statements by Wouter Zwart, a Dutch journalist for current affairs program Nieuwsuur, and in response, Hoekstra DENIED ever saying these words, and called it “Fake News”

The reporter continued to question Hoekstra, and Hoekstra then said something actually remarkable – he then said that he had NEVER called the report “Fake News” and denied uttering those words that he had said just a few moments earlier:

“I didn’t call that fake news, … I didn’t use the words today.”

And it’s all on tape:

Hoekstra’s record in Congress and in public statements demonstrates positions that are repugnant to the Dutch, and to a majority of Americans. He has supported a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage and he has opposed prohibitions against employment discrimination based on sexual orientation. He has voted consistently to limit or ban the Constitutional right to choose. More specifically about problems that may or may not be facing Europeans and the Dutch, he has “argued passionately that refugees are a threat to European security”, he has spoken frequently at the anti-Islam American Freedom Alliance, and he has blamed a “secret jihad” for alleged “chaos” in the Netherlands.

Too bad, we can learn so much from the Dutch, who are now on the road to becoming an enemy of our sitting government, thanks to the inexperience, ignorance, disdain and partisanship of the pathological narcissistic sociopathic illiterate criminal racists pussygrabbing moron and his desire to fill the ranks of appointed officials representing the United States with the most incompetent, vile, evil people he can find.